Heat Damage to iPhones & iPads


Here’s What Heat Does to Your iPhone and iPad

Heat and electronics are not friends. Yet, with today’s electronics using smaller and smaller computer chips, things can get hot, really fast. Add extreme outdoor temperatures to the mix, and you have recipe for turning your iPhone or iPad into a s’more! In fact, overheating can be traced back to many of these problems we see when making iPhone and iPad repairs.

So, what exactly happens when your iPhone or iPad gets hot? Here are three typical consequences:


1. Your Device Shuts Down

The most common consequence of your iPhone or iPad overheating is that it will force you to take a break. Apple products have a built-in temperature limit of 95 °F when operating, so if your device goes past this limit do not be surprised if you see a warning screen. You can let your device cool down for around 15 minutes or so before trying to operate again.


2. Your Device Encounters Eventual Hardware Problems

Why is heat bad for electronics? Lots of reasons. The biggest reason is that computer circuits work worse when they get too hot. Elevated temperatures increase the electrical resistance of circuits, making electrical signals travel slower and use more power. As a result, your battery drains faster and your device slows down.

If devices get too hot too often, they will eventually wear out the physical components. Things like connection fuses can start to have problems or even stop working all together. In extreme cases when devices are constantly getting overheated, the metal itself can migrate within the circuit board, causing small metal “whiskers” to grow from the conducting lines. These whiskers cause circuit board shorts, creating weird glitches or frying your device’s main board entirely.

A more common consequence of regular overheating is that your battery stops working like you expected. Batteries have a limited shelf life in terms of the number of power cycles they can do, which means the number of times they can be completely drained and recharged. Batteries that get hot too often end up going through their power cycle lifespan faster. In other words: get your iPad hot too many times, too often, and your battery will eventually stop holding a charge.


3. The Darn Thing Melts!

iPhones and iPads have built-in overheating protection for good reason. If a device just keeps getting hotter and hotter, it can melt or cause other sorts of overheating problems. This leaky battery was supposedly the result of an overheated iPad, for instance.

An extreme example went viral when someone’s iPhone pretty much exploded on-camera. That may have been a freak accident because of the water-filled case the phone was using, but it is still a pretty vivid example of what happens when “too hot” goes too far.


Fix Heat Damage With iPhone and iPad Repair

If your battery has died or you think you have heat damage in your Apple device, do not wait until it gets worse. Fix your device as soon as possible so that a minor problem does not turn into a smoking time bomb. Book your iOS device repair appointment today.

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