Comparing Quality between Refurbished & New Macs


The first Mac, or Macintosh computer, was invented in the 1980s and became extremely popular in artistic fields at the time. When the iPod was first launched in 2001, Apple became a nationally recognized company. Apple has launched products such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad, as well as the iMac and MacBook. Even though new versions of these products are launched every so many years, Apple products are known to keep their quality throughout their lifespan.

What does “Refurbished” Mean?

If you purchase a new Apple desktop or laptop, what do you do with the old one? Chances are it is still in perfect condition, and you just want a newer model. It is harmful to throw away old computers and laptops. Instead, you can refurbish and resell it. “Refurbished” products are those that are restored back to their original state.  Refurbished macs look brand new and will operate the exact same as a new mac would. Most refurbished macs in Georgia are certified by Apple technicians.

What are the Differences Between Refurbished and New Macs?

1.       Price
New macs are much more expensive than refurbished macs. While you may pay around $2000 for a new MacBook Pro, you could pay a third of the price for the same refurbished product. Because these products are technically “new,” customers will pay for face value, and end up wasting most of their money. If you wait a few months and buy a refurbished mac, you will save hundreds of dollars and receive the same outcome.

2.       Features

Newer modeled macs may have more features, such as faster speeds, more storage capacity, or a touch bar. However, when it comes down to it, there is not much of a difference compared to previous models. Macs already work faster than most other laptops, and when you get a new update, speed will increase automatically. In addition, most Metro-Atlanta businesses offer cloud services you can use to store documents and files if you run out of space on your mac. We have operated since the existence of the first computer without a touch bar, so why would we need one now?

The main idea here is this: new macs may have more features, but currently they are so advanced compared to the rest of society, we don’t need them. Refurbished macs will provide the same basic operations at more than half the price of a brand new one.

Overall, do Refurbished or New Macs Have Better Quality?

If you like spending money or are a tech enthusiast here in Atlanta, you may believe new macs have better quality compared to refurbished macs. However, if you like saving 50% or more on products that cost thousands of dollars, refurbished macs are the way to go. Purchasing a refurbished mac will give you the same functions as a new one with a much cheaper price. When you compare how much you pay for a refurbished mac to a new mac and how the basic features are essentially identical, there is no doubt refurbished macs have better quality.

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