Why Buy Refurbished?


Why You Should Buy Refurbished: iMac and Macbook Guide

Thinking about buying a new computer? When you’re shopping for a new Apple product, you have a variety of factors to take into consideration, like finding the right screen size and price tag to match your budget. What many shoppers don’t realize is that they can get the same quality at a lower price by purchasing a refurbished model.

So what are the advantages of buying a refurbished iMac or Macbook? Are there any drawbacks when buying refurbished? Here’s everything you need to know about your next Apple purchase.

1. Price

It is no secret that refurbished computers are going to have a heavily discounted price. Just how much of a discount should you be expecting? It all depends on the make and model of your desired Mac. For instance, a one-year old refurbished computer may be anywhere from 10-20% cheaper than brand new models. In terms of savings, that can be several hundred dollars in your pocket that you can use on the things that really matter, like a Netflix subscription.

In other cases, you might find that a computer is 5+ years old, but still has all the bells and whistles you need in your computer. In that example, a refurbished product from 2010 or earlier can cost less than $400. In either case, these are tremendous savings for a top-notch product, no matter when it was manufactured.

According to most Apple users, cost is the biggest consideration when it comes to purchasing a new device. Of course, many of us want the newest model with the biggest screen, but our budgets simply won’t allow for that. By switching to a refurbished model, you can get the product you want without breaking the bank. Buying refurbished lets you maximize choice and minimize cost.

2. Year

For most users, the difference between a 2011 Macbook Pro and 2016 Macbook Pro is very small. While the hardware might look different, most of the user interface will be exactly the same. Apple computers built pre-2012 are still known for being extremely reliable, so when you purchase one refurbished, you are essentially getting the same computer right out of the box.

Another important question: what do you use your computer for? Unless you’re using CPU-intensive programs for video editing or data analysis, chances are you don’t need the fastest, most powerful machine. For most of us, our computer activity only involves normal web browsing, word processing, and video/music streaming, so purchasing a standard Mac or Macbook is a perfect fit.

In many of the older models, you can also update the RAM and Hard Drive to match the speed of newer devices. This means that even though a Macbook may have been manufactured in 2010, it has all the same technology as a computer manufactured in 2017. Purchasing an older refurbished model comes with even fewer trade-offs than expected.

3. Features

Buying a refurbished iMac or Macbook means that you’re still getting many of the same great features. The software and OS can be updated so that you’re running the fastest version of Mac’s new operating system and you can still access all of the same great apps and programs you could otherwise do on a newer device.

In some cases though, you may choose to forgo some recent features for greater savings. For instance, you might find that a pre-2012 Macbook is the perfect price, even though it doesn’t have Retina display. In another example, you might find that you rarely use Skype or Facetime, so there is no reason to pay extra money for a laptop with a higher quality camera. In these instances, you can find a refurbished option that better matches your expected usage requirements.

At the same time, a refurbished Apple dealer will still provide all of the same hardware that originally came with the product. That means you’ll still get the original keyboard, mouse, and power cords that were originally packaged with the device.

4. Certification

At the end of the day, everyone buying a refurbished computer is asking the same question: can I trust this refurbisher? When you’re looking for a refurbished iMac or Macbook, you need to know that the computer has been handled by professionals with the highest quality of care.

At Dynemac, we set the bar very high, requiring all of our products to be refurbished within our own store by an Apple Certified Technician. Unfortunately though, most stores are not like Dynemac, because many refurbished Mac dealers are just resellers - they get a third-party to do the actual repairs. We highly recommend only purchasing from a store that refurbishes their products in-house. Before buying, make sure you ask where and how the company refurbishes their computers.

5. Warranty

Last but not least, a refurbished computer should still come with a warranty. Every refurbisher is different though, so ask your store about the specifics of their policy if you do happen to run into computer trouble down the road. While we can’t talk about the specifics of other warranty policies, Dynemac backs of all our products with a strong warranty. All customers get a 90-day warranty for parts and labor + a full year of coverage for any labor costs. When you purchase a refurbished model, that usually includes a standard warranty. Unlike buying a brand new machine, you won’t have to pay extra for AppleCare.


About Dynemac

Located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, the team at Dynemac has been refurbishing Apple computers since 2012. Because our team is made up of Apple-trained technicians and sales reps, we understand everything about the refurbished computer market. Still wondering about the advantages of buying refurbished? Contact us today for more information.