Used vs. Refurbished Electronics

Many options are available when purchasing electronics from retail stores or online. Purchasing brand new items can be expensive, but a better, potentially cost-effective option is to purchase either used or refurbished equipment. But before you go out and shop for bargains, understanding the differences is essential.

The Main Difference

An easy way to understand the difference between used and refurbished equipment is to think about differences between buying a standard car vs. “certified” used car. When purchasing a standard used car, you simply buy it from the owner or dealer without any guarantees. In contrast, a “certified” used car goes through a rigorous inspection, vehicle history checks, and tune-ups before being sold.

Used vs. Refurbished electronics are similar.

When you buy a used electronic device, you are taking a chance since you don’t have any guarantee in the long term if it will really work or if some component is damaged and has a “temporary fix”. On the other hand, with refurbished electronics, the Reseller or OEM( Original Equipment Manufacturer) who sell’s the equipment go through a series of tests to ensure proper operation much like a “certified” used car.


Usually, when you purchase used equipment, you are really purchasing “as-is” meaning that you need to accept whatever condition the equipment happens to be in. Although some stores do offer a warranty on there used devices it is usually for a short period of time (30-60 days). For example, if you purchase a used iPhone that suddenly stops working, you, in general, will not be able claim a warranty. On the other hand, the same Refurbished device would have gone through a very detailed inspection and most malfunctions (if any occur) would be covered by a warranty from the manufacturer or restore.

Item Condition

Used and Refurbished electronics will generally have differences in terms of equipment’s physical condition. Used items will show more wear and tear and may not have had certain items replaced. For example, a used Macbook pro may have a dented keyboard or dead pixels in the screen that affect the overall condition. While a refurbished unit will look almost “like new”, having less signs of wear and any malfunctioning parts replaced (not “patched up”).


Sometimes, when you encounter issues with equipment you purchase, you generally can call the seller fort support to help resolve problems. If you purchase a used device, then it will most likely have a either no support or a very short support time. This could be due to purchasing it from the original owner who will not provide any support after the sale or due to a reseller who just wants to get rid of the product. However, if you purchase a refurbished device, you will be provided with a longer support period from either the seller or the OEM depending on who performed the refurbishment.


If you are looking to save money on equipment, consider purchasing used or refurbished. They are typically sold at a discount of 30% or more under MSRP and are often as good as new items. In most cases as outlined previously, purchasing a refurbished device is a better alternative since the item undergoes an in depth diagnostic and certification process in contrast to most used items.

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